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Welcome To My Home Page

With so many changes in my life happening so fast. I felt this the best way to share things with my friends..... UPDATE, well, it's offical. The doctor says it's muscular dystrophy. Adding that to my already heavy depression as caused me to have to change my life alot

Listing Site Updates

site started on August 15th. 2004

updated on Feb. 13th 2005

The Name of Duncaen

Duncaen was my net name in a virtual reality world hid away in a universe called Active worlds. The name Duncaen was chose for it's ties to our family history and it's meaning is "Dark Warrior"

My true name is Andrew, but they call me Andy

I have carried the tag of "Andrew Jackson" for all of my life, still can't figure out what i did to make my parents mad at me ....well that early anyway ;)


The new place of rest

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